What do you know about  LEFT VERSUS RIGHT?

Liberals or Conservatives?
Democrats or Republicans?

_____1. Which party gets more donations and votes from Wall Street?

_____2. Which party wins more votes from the upper rich?

_____3. Which party gets more support from corporations / big business?

_____4. Which party gets more support from labor unions?

_____5. Which party gets more support from lawyers?

_____6. Who gives the most to charity?

_____7. Open mindedness and tolerance: Which side is more likely to say they dislike not only the other side’s ideas, but also
  the people who hold them?

_____8. Are divorce rates higher in red (Republican leaning) or blue (Democratic leaning) states? 

_____9. Which have more visits per capita to online adult websites: red or blue states?

_____10. Who is more likely to attend religious services regularly?

_____11. Values Voters and The God Gap: which side has more religious activists?

The following articles provide answers.  You may be surprised...